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The very popular central attraction in Darjeeling is Himalayan Railway known as DHR. People also know it by another name as Toy Train. Darjeeling is famous for premium quality Darjeeling tea and for a place known as "Queen of hill stations".
Hospitality is the foremost consideration while planning to book any hotel. There are so many hotels in Darjeeling and people recognize them for their tremendous hospitality services. These hotels cover international as well as domestic as tourists throughout the year.
Hotels comprises of well-furnished and appointed rooms with modern amenities like Wi-Fi, music systems, gym, swimming pools, meeting rooms and so on. These well-established hotels have been the host to the state heads, high profile businessmen and celebrities too across the world. Quality services with the combination of wonderful accommodation add a great value to the trip. These renowned hotels move on with an elegant aura of relaxation and hospitality. Getting the budget hotels in Darjeeling is a great destination to enjoy and explore.
Darjeeling hotels possess excellent royal appearance with modern amenities and facilities. These hotels offer party arrangement facilities and scheduling conferences as well. It is always advisable to take a look at the rich list of hotel facilities and guest services provided by Darjeeling hotels.